7 Sources Of Healthy Low Carb Fiber Foods

Ah fiber, we hear so much chatter about it on a daily basis, yet many of us fail to get enough in our diet.

Even worse, a lot of us are completely oblivious of what it does, or why you should be getting more in your diet. Are you one of the many who are misinformed when it comes to fiber?

Benefits Of Adding More Fiber To Your Diet

  • Helps Control Cholesterol Levels – fiber comes in two types, soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is able to bind to bile acids, which are then excreted. When bile acid levels are lowered, cholesterol is used up to replace the diminished supply of this essential digestive substance.
  • Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels – a diet high in fiber slows down the rate at which sugar enters the blood stream. The result is a more sustained entry of glucose into the body, along with accompanying insulin regulation.
  • Helps Maintain Regularity – if you experience constipation regularly, you are most likely deficient in fiber intake. Fiber is able to retain water, making stool bulkier and easier to pass. Most times constipation comes about as a result of recurrent water absorption from stool, causing it to become more and more compact, and hence harder to pass.
  • May Help With Weight Loss – fiber helps with weight loss thanks to one simple fact; it keeps you fuller for a longer time! As long as glucose is slowly trickling into your blood, along with the bulking effect fiber results in, you are likely to eat less.

Maybe now you see why people are fanatics when it comes to their fiber intake!

Those who are following a low carb diet need to look to alternative sources of fiber, since a lot of fiber is found in high carb foods, such as whole grains.

Ready to add some ridiculously simple fiber sources to your diet?

Here are some of the best sources of low carb fiber you can add today to get your body functioning better.

Flax Seeds

There are almost no carbs in flaxseeds because they contain so much fiber, and both soluble and insoluble varieties, with 1/3 being soluble.