High Carb Disasters: Not Intended By Nature

Have you ever stopped to wonder, why is it that in our age of modern medicine and easy access to knowledge that we are sicker than ever?

Could it be because of misinformation? There is a good chance. However, there is an even greater danger, easy access to tons of processed foods, mainly snacks and carb-laden disasters waiting to happen.

Let me ask you; how often over the past week, have you stopped by the grocery store or deli and picked up something to have a bite on the go, or even worse- a drink? You may have been bustling on your way to reach in early to work, but at the cost of your health (and possibly life).

Carb addiction is a true medical condition, similar to depression of schizophrenia, whereby the affected party does not necessarily recognize, or admit to having a problem- though it exists in every sense of reality. However, the first step in breaking your dependence on carbs is to identify the trouble makers, and stay clear of them, or at minimum find better substitutes.

Here are the worst high carb disasters- none of them intended by nature.


Topping the list of crack-level addiction is everybody’s favorite canned (or bottled) soda beverage. Oh, you only drink diet? That’s cute.