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Exercising gives you incredible benefits. If you want to know what the best fat burning exercises are, this article is what your searching for. You will learn the top three fat burning exercises and how they work. These exercises will give you the optimum results, and give you an amazing looking body as well. Before we get started, remember that nutrition plays an important role as well.


Eating right coupled with exercising will give you the best results. To get started, any exercise that increases your heart rate is going to burn fat and keep it burning throughout the day. These three exercises are designed to target unwanted fat in both men and women and they will also give your muscles a wake up call.


So let’s get started. Having a good cardio conditioning program such as interval training is a great way to increase your heart rate and burn away fat without burning away at your muscle tone. Alternating bursts of intense activity such as running for five minutes and then walking for a few minutes and then repeating this process for at least 20-30 minutes will burn fat fast. This will help you burn more calories and more fat. With this exercise, your body will keep burning fat and calories for up to 48 hours after your workout.


Plyometric workouts will work your entire body and will increase your heart rate extremely fast within the first 15 seconds. This is also the most popular exercise. You are working every aspect of your body all at once. Plyometircs are jumping movements that uses your body weight as the basis of explosive energy and movements that will burn fat fast. There are hundreds of plyometric moves that but for example, you can start by performing jump squats. By getting into a squat position, thrust your body into the air and then return to the starting position. Do this for as many times as you can.


Strength training gives you the added benefit of increasing your metabolism. With a higher metabolic rate you will be burning more calories each day doing normal every day activities. Strength training challenges your muscles through resistance. Combining strength training with plyometrics is the number one way to burn stubborn fast off and burn it off fast. Putting these two exercises together is going to melt fat away and give you that toned and lean looking body. Taking the intensity of plyometircs and mixing it with weight training is only going to increase your results.


These exercises are a great way to spice of your normal routine. Your body can get used to the same thing, that’s what’s called a plateau. By adding these exercises in with your normal routine, you will jump start your body and wake up your muscles. You will see more amazing results even faster. The good thing about the specific exercises, is that your body never gets used to doing the same thing, because you are constantly changing it up. This is known as muscle confusion. With this, you won’t ever hit a plateau, you will just keep seeing results. Switch up your exercise routine today and see what these exercises can do for you.


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As always, make sure to consult your doctor before beginning any type of treatment, diet, or fitness program.