Your Best Low Carb Plant Based Diet Choices

Low carb diets are utilized by thousands of people and for good reason. From helping manage blood glucose levels, to assisting with weight loss, to lowering risks for heart disease, low carb works!

Low carb diets have been shown in numerous studies and randomized controlled trials to result in more weight lost than low fat diets. They also reduce markers for heart disease and improve HDL cholesterol levels.

But do you know what is even tougher? Being a vegetarian or someone focusing on consuming primarily plant based foods for nutrition, and looking for low carb options.

Typically, a low carb diet includes moderate amounts of protein especially from meat sources, very little carbs and high amounts of healthy fats, many of which are animal based.

Our meat-eating companions have it a bit easier, as animal proteins contain ample amounts of fat, which is one of the primary foods used to fend off carb hunger pangs and for weight loss. However, vegetarians do not necessarily have such a luxury.

Luckily, we are going to introduce to you easily accessible plant choices that are ideal for a low carb lifestyle.

Fatty Fruits

Huh? Is there anything like that? Oh yes, and you will have an “aha!” moment when I tell you which.

But first, why should you eat fatty fruits? For one, as the name implies, they are heavy in fats, but extremely low in carbs, which is odd for a fruit.